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Hi, my name is Meir Shay, second generation of the diamond industry. My father taught me many things in this business but the one that was most impactful was “Do not sit on your inventory” that have helped me succeed in the industry. After working in the Israeli market for 3 years I moved to Chicago and started to work as a diamond buyer for one of the biggest companies in the US. With 10 years of experience as a diamond buyer, I started my own company: DS Design, in 2011.

DS Design is one of the most premium suppliers of custom jewelry made with natural or lab grown diamonds.
Our office and shop are located on Jewelers Row, Downtown Chicago. We are known for our great prices, top quality custom jewelry, super friendly service, and successful friendships with all our customers. Our team is both friendly and highly knowledgeable representing different parts of the world like Cuba, Mexico, India, Ukraine and United State, and would be more than happy to help you with any diamond call.

Meir Shay, CEO
DS Design Inc.

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