Our Locations

DS Design Chicago: Our main office and shop forcustom ordes locate at the heart of the jewelers row at downtown Chicago.

NS Diamonds Los Angeles: Our fancy shape natural diamonda office one of the first for diamonds service on Hill St.

Nissim Shay Israel: Our fist generation at the Israeli Diamonds Burse since 1974

Our India 3 location for our diamonds factory in Surat and out jewelry manufacture at SPZ to our diamonds office at the diamond burss BKC.

What service You need ?

So, who is #StudMan?
My name is Meir Shay and I have developed the reputation of a “go to” supplier for diamonds studs and all diamond jewelry basics. I have 20 years of experience as a diamond buyer and am a second generation in the diamond industry. My experience has helped me build a strong foundation to give the world the best quality products for the best price

DS Design Inc,
29 E Madison St #1215,
Chicago II, 60602

Our office Hours
Mon to Fri : 9:30am to 6pm CST

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